Our Team

My name is Willy and apart from recycling alI the bio garbage, I do the communication for Pure Poland. I have the honor to introduce our team. Because we are so many, ’ll just introduce some of the members .  I didn't mention the  not so hairy ones, the Brejwo family. They are always around to do the odd job we don't come to.  Between all of us we’ll do our very best to give you a wonderful time  in Pure Poland!
Our Team
Communication, garbage recycling management
Executive manager
Aslan, executive manager
Although I might not be the most prominent  person in the farm,  I'm the executive manager. Due to bad luck I only have 3 legs, but  with these I pull the strings. I still have  14 toes and every toe has an excellent nail to it.  of course I'm nice enough to the people and mostly I'm a warm and understanding  leader , but if  you are  pushing me  I'll wack you! specially that big  hulk Anghus.
Flip, head butler, servant
You can find me where the food is being served. It is not that I’m trying to steal it, although you might think so when you accidentally find me on your table. I’m just checking if the cooking is done well, because I’m the supervising butler and your humble servant. In my spare time I like to follow you around. Just think of me as your shadow. I don’t want to be nosy or in the way, but I’m just checking if you are doing all o.k.
Sarah:  animation
Celestine the goat, Joszko the cat and I are the entertainers of Pure Poland. Whenever there is a party, we’ll be there. We also like to do some pranks now and then. I  also am very well informed about everything going on in the neighborhood and I love to take you on a tour in the village or the forest.​
Anghus: security
 I’m still a trainee, but I will be guarding over your goods, car and kids, because I’m being trained for security. My mother is a water rescue worker , last name Landseer (from a well known water rescue family and my father is a very strong shepherd security guard from Rumania. So it must be in my genes. But for now I really love to hang out with the animation team and I specially love to play with the humans. 
Love therapist
Habib: love therapist, rodent extermination, 
Habib, means sweetheart in Arab. I'm also called Dr Love. If you can find the time to slow down and see how chill my body is, and enjoy my caressing touch, I’ll show you zen. Laying like a carpet stretched out in the sun and just letting time go by is my art. Please join me and let go! My job on the side is one I rather do not talk about. During the nights my dark side shows: I'm a serial killer. I love to take apart every rodent i get my cuddly hands on.. 
Nollie, model
Together with my collegues Kizzy and Missy we are from the esthetics. We are very good looking and we love to be groomed. Please give us a good brush and a nice hairdo! we also love a massage and in return we like to go with you on a nice walk through the forest
together with my sometimes grumpy friend Clementine  we give shows in climbing and jumping and we love to do some gardening now and then. The garden will be lean and clean after we have done our job!